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01 March 2008 10:00
Rapid Application Deployment for PPC
FeejoSoft proudly announce FBA the creator the first integrated environment for Rapid Application Deployment of games and application for pocketpc and smartphone.

22 August 2006 12:14
Sudoku in your hands!
Now you can play the world most played game; right in your hands, only for your pocketpc!! Click here.

11 August 2006 16:34
Virtual life, great fun in your pocketpc!
Pocket Penguin is released! Pocket Penguin is a cute virtual life game for your Pocket PC. For more information on this great game click here

Electronic mail storage and retrieval solution.


EnLight S60
  Crazy puzzle! Turn off all lights and try to beat all levels!

Puzzle / Solitary

Available for:

Any Nokia Series 60 phone with 600k of free storage space
Product details
Very cool puzzle game where you must turn off all lights on the gamefield!

When you click on a light, the one you selected and the 4 adjacent will invert status.

You should try to turn off all lights but be aware! You have limited moves for each level!

  • Cool graphic and sound
  • More than 50 levels.Finish all levels and collect full stars rank!
  • THIS GAME IS FREE! What can you ask more?

Click on a preview image if you want to see more shoots

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