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01 March 2008 10:00
Rapid Application Deployment for PPC
FeejoSoft proudly announce FBA the creator the first integrated environment for Rapid Application Deployment of games and application for pocketpc and smartphone.

22 August 2006 12:14
Sudoku in your hands!
Now you can play the world most played game; right in your hands, only for your pocketpc!! Click here.

11 August 2006 16:34
Virtual life, great fun in your pocketpc!
Pocket Penguin is released! Pocket Penguin is a cute virtual life game for your Pocket PC. For more information on this great game click here

Electronic mail storage and retrieval solution.


Number Dropper
  A highly addictive new thinking Puzzle game called Number Dropper, developed by Swivel andFeejoSoft for your Pocket PC

Puzzle / Solitary

Available for:

Any Pocket PC 2002,2003, 2003 SE, 2005 with QVGA 240x320 screen
Product details
Number Dropper is a highly addictive new thinking Puzzle game, developed by Swivel and FeejoSoft for your Pocket PC.

The object of Number Dropper is to clear the game field of numbered blocks. Players can clear the numbered blocks by linking them to add up to the number in the top right of the screen. The colour of the blocks do not matter, just find a numbered tile(s) that matches the number in the top right and boom! they will disappear.

Clear all the blocks and you will complete that level. Also keep note of the decreasing bar at the top of the screen, this is the timer bar and if this ends and you are still alive, then you will also complete the level. But, if the blocks stack up right to the top of the screen, they will freeze and it is game over!

If a gold block appears, link that with another block to add up to the number in the top right and then you go into bonus mode and during that limited time click any blocks and all those colours will disappear!

On later levels as the blocks fall even faster to increase difficulty, many will have "minus" signs on them so pay attention and get your mathes right to clear those frantic later levels.

We guarantee that once you play this game, you will never want to put it down!

Number Dropper features:

  • Fun graphics and animation
  • Progressive level difficulty
  • Arcade style music and sound effects
  • Supports all Pocket PC devices

Click on a preview image if you want to see more shoots

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